About us

An innovative home technology specialist, Tillman Domotics was established in October 2010 with the aim of redefining home automation, placing more emphasis on the customer’s input and offering a truly bespoke service.

Custom-made packages

Our systems are not over-complicated and, unlike many AV specialists, we do not over-specify the equipment. We really do offer a custom service and avoid choosing the same products over and over again. Whilst other home technology firms can be very formulaic in their approach, Tillman Domotics avoids formulas in favour of the custom-made.

Future ready

Dismayed that so many homeowners are only scratching the surface of what they could tap into technology-wise, we have also made it our mission to correct this. We are constantly monitoring the fast-changing world of technology and have already sifted through the best of what’s available so we can advise you on what’s right for your lifestyle. Life has changed and the way we use technology is probably the major factor in that change. Tillman Domotics is your trustworthy home automation specialist, always ensuring that our installations are as future ready as they can possibly be.

Our Team

Matthew Tillman


As a key player in the home automation industry from its earliest days, Matthew has over 15 years experience working for pioneering technology firms. He set up Tillman Domotics five years ago with the aim of redefining home technology as he had always believed that something very important was missing in the industry…the customer’s input.

Matt Symons


A founding partner of Tillman Domotics, Matt Symons has worked in the AV industry for over 12 years with much of that time focused on custom installation and home automation. Matt is an expert in providing high-quality systems to match specific budget requirements and also believes passionately in tailoring technology to clients’ lifestyles.