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Discretion is advised

Tillman Domotics was recently featured in The Jewish Chronicle showcasing discreet video solutions for the home. “One of our most repeated requests is to make bespoke mechanisms that will allow customers to watch TV in bed,” says Matthew Tillman.

When asked by the editor what the possibilities are for discreet video solutions, Matthew explains “although screens can be lowered from the ceiling or pop up from a foot-board at the end of the bed, a proper piece of furniture such as a trunk seems a much neater solution to the challenge.”

Suited to the surroundings

In this private residence, the client was looking to have a discreet video system installed within the bedroom. With its classic design, a TV trunk was not deemed suitable, given the range of possibilities for discreet mechanisms, we were able to provide an installation the client could not be happier with. A mechanism that hid the TV beneath the bed and raised it into view at the touch of a button was the perfect solution and expertly installed through careful collaboration with the design team.

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