New year, new prospects

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The previous success of 2018 has made way for a prosperous 2019 with various new projects beginning, current projects ending and newly forged relationships growing our team.

Forging relationships

This spring sees the final stages of one of our largest projects come in to view. Having been involved on this particular project for many years, we are now close to completing and providing a world class system in a property unlike any other. Having worked alongside some of the world’s leading architects and designers, the strong friendships built will lead on to further exciting collaborations that will not only push the boundaries of what is possible but also redefine simplicity.

Unique Events

Following the success of our exclusive Olympic Studios event last year, we are now organising further dates for the coming months. The event plays host to varying design professionals and allows a unique opportunity to network, meet the Tillman Domotics team and experience cinema technology unlike any other. If you are interested in attending this event then please do get in touch.

Constant Research

With the industry’s leading CI trade show around the corner, our design team are preparing for their impending trip to discover and experience new technology, products and advancements within our ever-changing industry. Every year following this show, we provide CPD’s to architects, interior designers and contractors to give valuable information on new technology and solutions. If this is interest to you or your firm, please do let us know.

A Unique Partnership

2018 saw the beginning of our partnership with ACREW, which has opened up exciting opportunities within the superyacht industry. Tillman Domotics has a long history within the marine sector, through existing commissions and the experienced team Matthew Tillman has built around him: “I have always had a passion for superyachts and the unique challenges they present, this is why I have put together a team with over 30 years combined experience: to provide our world class services within this specialist sector”. Whilst Tillman Domotics is heralded as one of the UK’s leading integration specialists, clients and design partners often do not know the lengths we will go to for our customers, with projects stretching as far as Asia and the Middle East; these all range from luxury homes and hotels to commercial properties and private yachts. Make sure you keep in touch for further news.

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