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Given the challenges of parenthood, it is a great idea to take advantage of any tech that can help you and your baby. Getting the home ready for a new arrival is a big part of the preparation and luckily much of this can be done in advance whilst you still have time! As the Tillman Domotics team gains a new family member, our resident father-to-be looks at some of the latest technology on offer

Owlet Baby Monitor

The first six months for any parent can be scary, putting your baby to sleep and then struggling to sleep yourself because you are constantly checking your baby is okay. The Owlet Baby Monitor may just offer peace of mind; it utilises pulse oximetry to alert you if your baby has stopped breathing or if their heart-rate is a cause for concern. Housed unobtrusively within a baby bootie, the monitor connects to a base station via Bluetooth which in turn sends alerts via Wi-Fi to your smartphone

Owlet Baby Monitor

Advanced SensorSafeTM EmbraceTM DLX Infant Car Seat

This smart car seat helps avoid inadvertently leaving your little one when you have finished your journey by generating a series of tones, reminding you that your baby is present in the vehicle. The tones are activated by a smart chest clip and wireless receiver that can also alert you to unbuckling during your journey.



BabyNes® is a smart nutrition system with a range of six single-serve formula capsules. It is a revolutionary baby formula system that marries the best-in-class formula with a Wi-Fi enabled system to provide a perfectly mixed bottle, at a temperature selected by the user, with no lumps and all at the touch of a button. The system is capable of providing nutrition from birth to 36 months through the six different formula capsules that have been created to mimic the change of breastmilk over the same time period.


Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad

This innovative changing mat has a built-in wireless smart scale that helps new parents track key infant health metrics such as weight, number of feedings and nappy changes to let parents know their baby is growing at a healthy rate. What’s more, it automatically records and sorts the information in a handy baby-tracking app.

hatch mat


SonarGuard is the only pool safety system on the market that fully integrates with home automation systems offering full flexibility in terms of control. Transducers are housed within the pool and emit soundwaves that look for changes in the density of water. This technology means the system is able to differentiate between a child falling into the pool and other things like wind, rain, a dog drinking from the pool, or even a beach ball bouncing along the pool’s surface.


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